Coca-cola is one the biggest Companies in the world and many surveys have suggested that it is the most popular world after ‘hello’ Can you imagine that! So if it is the second most popular word then almost everyone in the world should have Coca-cola on his table. this is a scary reality because it is a proven fact now that Coca-cola is absolutely bad for your body. The chemical cocktail that you drink for refreshment is practically killing your metabolism since its acidity level matches the acidity levels of the battery acid.This stomach lining killing poison is associated with diseases like cardiac arrest, stroke, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. and is especially bad for young children as it interferes with the balanced diet, rather than complementing it.

It is said that people who consume this fizzy poison inculcate dependence on caffeine and deficiency of important minerals like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A. Don’t take us wrong, we still believe that Coca-cola is a very useful drink—although not for the body but there are many other fantastic uses for it that after knowing them you might start purchasing it all the more than before!

1- Bog Groomer: Cleaning the toilet is the most tedious of the tasks and let’s be honest, no one really wants to do it—no one but your friendly fizzy partner Coca-cola. All you have to do is pour the drink in the commode and wait for an hour before you scrub with a brush and flush—now you have got yourself a sparkling toilet!

2-Stubborn Stains—Thing of the Past!: If you don’t want to buy really expensive stain removers, take some of that Coca-cola and pour it in the wash along with the detergent. The stains will be removed and your clothes will be deodorized! All thanks to the carbonic and phosphoric acid inside the carbonated drink.

3-Window Cleaner: By now we know that Coca-cola has magic cleaning powers—one more thing that it can clean efficiently is the window. Because of the presence of the citric acid in the drink, it makes a wonderful window cleaner and works the same way as citrus fruit based window cleaners work.

4- Pain Neutralizer: If you have been bitten by a bug, stung by a bee or a jellyfish then you do not have to panic in pain, just pour some of the dark fizzy drink on the affected area and your pain will be neutralized in seconds, thanks to the chemicals in Coca-cola.

5-Bug Slayer: All kinds of bugs are big Coca-cola fans like us—they simply love the sweet fizzy wonder but without knowing that it can destroy them and they will be pushing up daises if they try to consume it. You can spray the drink on ant hills and cockroaches in your cupboards and get rid of them!

6- Color Fader: You can use the drink on your hair if you dyed your hair many shades darker than you wanted. Coca-cola is known for its quality of fading the color on hair; so the next time your hair gets dyed in a disastrous way, do not panic or run off to your expensive stylist but in fact open the refrigerator and grab that Coca-cola can and let it do the work!

7- Gum Remover: If a gum has been stuck to your hair and you think that the only way to get rid of it is to get an unwanted haircut then you do not have to worry anymore! Just pour some coke on the gum and let it sit for a few minutes, you will see that it becomes easier for you to pick that gum off your hair.

7 Home Cleaning Tricks Using Coca-Cola You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off luxurious £260,000 Lamborghini Aventador!

We have all heard of doing: Call your dog to your bed. People believe it is dirty or it is not good for you. People saying that since years.
But what if we say that it is possible to be very real.
There is already a health benefit to allow four legs of the best friend spend the night, it is not only you better for all that embracing.
It is better for your dog, too!
And those who do not want to do all in their power to ensure that the small is happy possible?
If you are dog lovers who love snuggling with a warm atmosphere and soft friend in ultimately remain so.
Enjoy a better chance at night we all know that the best sleep a better day.

1- You will feel more comfortable:

There is A body or warm rhythmic breathing something comforting a dog. It is more than the comfort of your bed.

2- Get Rid Of Insomnia:

Their presence strengthens the calm and alleviates the pressure, the feeling of security. They even the basis for all the things that make you at night!

3- Snuggling with them to ease the tension and anxiety:

It seems positive expectations of infectious diseases, in can be reassuring.

4- It provides warm feeling:

Warm bodies and the tendency to circumvent the close of human beings possible a bit radiator in bed. this can be tough in summer which likes a bit of natural warmth at night

5- Get Rid Of Depression:

Dogs without question are unconditional love. For someone to fight depression this type of feeling of difficult to obtain.

6- You Will Feel More Safer :

There Is More Amazing Thing that You Will Feel Safe And More Comfortable When The Dog stays In Your Room Especially So close.

6 Reasons Your Dog Should Sleep On Your Bed Every Night!

Polls trump vs Clinton
Voters in the US will vote on 8 November to choose will's identify the nation's next president. The BBC survey of surveys takes a gander at the five latest national surveys and takes the middle worth, i.e., the quality between the two assumes that are higher and two assumes that are lower.

How critical are national surveys?

It's an extreme assignment to gauge the mindset of a country that is home to more than 300 million individuals; however, that doesn't prevent the surveyors from attempting. National surveys have a tendency to have an example size of around 1,000 individuals or increasingly and can track development and general supposition truly well. In any case, the US elections are won and lost in swing states and chose by the constituent school framework (What is the discretionary school?). This implies surveys in states that seem as though they could vote in favour of either hopeful (Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania to give some examples) assume an essential part in race projections.

How does a US presidential race work?
Are Trump and Clinton the main applicants?

No. They're the main applicants that stand a genuine shot of winning the race; however, there are other outsiders and autonomous hopefuls in the running. The principles around getting on the vote vary state to state, however, most voters will have two fundamental other options to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Green Party hopeful Jill Stein, 66, is a specialist and lobbyist who is wanting to get Democrats who supported Bernie Sanders and keep on rallying against Mrs Clinton. Previous New Mexico senator Gary Johnson, 63, is remaining for the Libertarian Party and centring his endeavours on drawing in Republicans uneasy with Mr Trump.
Polls trump vs Clinton today
As per surveying asset site Real Clear Politics, Mrs Stein is grabbing around 2% of the vote in a four-manner race while Mr Johnson is fairing somewhat preferable at somewhat more over 7%. Neither can win the race with details that way, however, they could syphon enough votes off of the significant contender to change the result in a nearby race.

Will outsider competitors choose US race?

How are Clinton's numbers looking?

Hillary Clinton has for some time been the leader in this challenge, however, there have been times where she has looked a long way from agreeable. The latest illustrations returned to back toward the beginning of September. Initially, she stood out as truly newsworthy by marking half of Donald Trump's supporters a "crate of deplorable", permitting her opponent to finish up it was confirmation of her contempt for "dedicated individuals". At that point only two days after the fact, Mrs Clinton was shot blacking out in the wake of leaving a 9/11 commemoration benefit early. It later raised she had been experiencing pneumonia fuelling further gossipy titbits about her wellbeing - bits of gossip that some of her faultfinders have been pushing for a considerable length of time. Her survey numbers took a perceptible hit in the days that took after, yet they seemed to recuperate towards the end of September.

Will Clinton pay for her horrendous weekend?
At the point when was Trump last ahead?
Polls trump vs Clinton today
The Republican competitor has made generous increases on Mrs Clinton since her leads of around 20% in the late spring of 2015 (when the field was far more extensive) yet he has just crawled in front of her a couple times. The last came after the Republican National Convention toward the end of July when Mr Trump formally acknowledged the gathering's assignment. The lead didn't keep going long, however, with his opponent accepting a comparative help to her appraisals toward the end of the Democratic National Convention a couple days after the fact.

What might a Donald Trump administration resemble?
How did the VP picks influence the surveys?
Polls trump vs Clinton today
Previously, a clever pick for a competitor's running mate could procure them a twofold digit support in the surveys - Bill Clinton got a 12-point bob in the wake of naming Al Gore as his pick for VP in 1992. Be that as it may, as of late the skips have been far littler and 2016 took after that pattern. Nor Trump's elections of Indiana Governor Mike Pence (15 July), or Clinton's revealing of ex-Virginian representative Tim Kaine (22 July) changed much in the surveys.

Polls trump vs Clinton today: Hillary up 10 on Donald nationally

Palmer and his wife, Winnie, make a happy couple after he won the 1958 Masters.

Horace Cort, AP

Palmer, left, gets the champion's medal and plaque from Art Wall after winning the 1960 Masters.


Palmer plays in the 1960 U.S. Open at the Cherry Hills golf course in Denver.

Carl Iwasaki

Palmer holds trophy and medal after winning the 1961 British Open at Birkdale, England.


President Dwight Eisenhower, right, enjoys a laugh with Palmer before they played a round of golf together in Gettysburg, Penn., in 1960.


Palmer hits from a sand trap on the second hole during a playoff in the 1962 Masters against Gary Player, left, and Dow Finsterwald. Palmer won to claim his third green jacket.


Arnold Palmer slips into his green jacket with help from Jack Nicklaus after winning the 1964 Masters. It was Palmer's fourth Master's victory.


Palmer looks over a kneeling Jack Nicklaus while they study a putt on 18th green in the 1972 PGA National Team Championship.


Palmer serves as the honorary captain with the Steelers' Jerome Bettis for the coin toss prior to a game between the Atlanta Falcons and Steelers in Pittsburgh.


Palmer grabs onto a greater-than-life-size statue in 2007 at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Unity Township, Pa.


Arnold Palmer in Orlando in 2008.


Arnold Palmer in his Latrobe, Pa., workshop. Palmer tinkered around with clubs and had a wall full of them.

Eileen Blass, USA TODAY Sports

Palmer sits in his golf cart with his dog Mulligan.

Eileen Blass, USA TODAY Sports

Palmer in his Latrobe, Pa., office.

Eileen Blass, USA TODAY Sports

Palmer and Tiger Woods laugh during the ceremony following the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge in Orlando.

Sam Greenwood, Getty Images

15 Amazing Photo of Arnold Palmer through the years!

The world is getting busier and this is the reason that when most of the parents get home they do not have quality time to spend with their children. This is the reason that the studies have shown that parents mostly spend only 12 minutes with their children and out of them 8 are spent of scolding or prohibiting the child.

So here, we have the 4 questions that you must ask your child. Theses will help you to be productive and closer will your child.

How is life?

When you want to interrogate your child, you should not have a hard tone and you should not ask him or her to answer you despite the kid does not want to talk. If you want your child to tell you everything happily and his tasks properly, you should give him or her impression that it is fine if they do not want to talk about it.

Then start to tell your child a story about your own childhood. Get him to talking by telling him about a friend that you met today after a long time. This will encourage the child to tell you everything because he will feel like that even on the wrong things you will not get angry with him.
Make sure that you do not insist on the complete answers.

What is up with your friends?

You should create a relation of trust with your child. When you find out that your girl is befriended by a boy or the boy is befriend with the girl you must show a cooperative reaction. Do not scold him or forbid him or her because you do not like it because it might make the child go against you.

You must ask your child about their friends. When he or she tells you everything, make them understand your point of view with love and care. Tell them about the good and bad aspects and give them the right to make their own decision.

Anything cool going on?

When you ask your child that what was the coolest thing that he did during the day and he replies that his day was boring and there was nothing special to be done. Do not tell your child that he is lying because you think so. Instead, you can also make him happy by making some plans with your child. Take him or her to a movie or go outside to plays games. As it will make you bonding strongly with your children.

Do you need help with anything?

Ask your kid if he or she want help in any of the tasks. Instead, is ordering him or her to let you handle the task. You must trust your kid and let them do the job their self. As it will make the decision-making the power of your child strong.
So treat your child the right way in the little time that you spend with him or her. Make sure that you have a loving relation with your child.

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The questions that you must ask your child every day!

9 Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever!

The dog pants have been the latest hot topic of this age. As this has been the innovation in taking care of your pet so it has become very important to consider that how your dog should wear the pants. The problem here arises that if your pet was able to talk it would have defiantly told you but this is not the case here.
It is going to be your decision in the end that how you see your dog comfortable.

Dog pants

The dog pants are all over the internet and they are available in two different weaning style. This is the reason that the pet owners often get confused that how they should make their pet wear the pants. Here are the two styles that you have to consider and that tips that will help you in this difficult situation.

The front and back leg

In this style the front and back both the legs are covered by the pants this might seem odd but believe me your dog is going to look amazing in this style. A few things that you must consider before trying out this style are:

  • This style is more comfortable for the small dogs that have a little distance between their front and back legs.
  • The length of the seat of the pant should be long enough so that it will be easy for you to make your pet wear it.
  • Make sure that the pants are stretchable so that it will be easy for your pet to walk in it.
  • If you want this style to be applied on your big size dog make sure that the pants are extra large otherwise it will not fit perfectly and your dog might trip while walking that can lead to many issues.

The back leg pants

This seems like to be a more comfortable style. As it will be easy for you to make the dog wear it but you also have to consider the fact that the front legs will be left pantless. Some of the aspects of this style that you must consider are:

  • It can be used for both the big and small dogs because only the back legs will be covered.
  • You will have to use a belt in order to make the pants stay in their place
  • The dog can easily walk in it but make sure that the ends do not create hindrance in the paws.

Which style to consider

The best way to determine the perfect style of the pants is to make your dog wear both of them and spend a few hours to a day in it. Observe the behavior of your pet.
Notice the activities and it will let you know that in which style it is more comfortable and that will become the style statement of your pet. So make your pooch rock the new pair of pants.

The latest dog pants!

The story line:

The story is all about the 2 persons that make a couple by meeting at the social networking site named as the Facebook. According to the story both the main characters of it had the cystic fibrosis. At that time both of the characters of the story were off 18. Katie comes to know about the Dalton when she saw his picture in the hospital. In the story, the Katie was asked to stay away from the patient of the cystic fibrosis by the doctors. She was asked for this because there might be some dangerous bacteria that can be passed from the patients of the cystic fibrosis to the visitors.
But in contrast to the advice of the doctors the both characters of the story not only met with each other but also got married. When the Katie recalled her first meeting in the year 2009 with the Dalton she just said that her heart was racing and she could not even control herself. She further said that they both not only had the hugging without saying even a hello but also had a kissing as well.
After seven years Dalton has succumbed to his illness on the day of Saturday and his wife Katie also got died on Thursday. The marriage of the Dalton and Katie was less than of the total 2 years after they had their first meeting with each other. But they had a happy time in the home that they had bought in the Kentucky.

What happened next?

But in the year 2014, the lungs of the both characters of this story got deteriorated. Dalton had his transplant of the lungs in the year 2014 while his wife Katie had the transplant in the year following to that of this husband Dalton. Both of them went through many of the serious lungs issues after that like lymphoma, pneumonia, and the viral infection. Katie was having all these issues in a very server condition that the doctors just asked for the hospice case of here.

Both of the characters of the story went for the last seeing of each other at the 5th anniversary of their marriage and then the funeral of the husband of the Katie was on Wednesday. At the same day, Katie was having the wish that she would be at home in between the family members of her, of her mother and father in her bed. She also told that she wants to be welcomed by his husband with his open arms. According to the saying of the Katie, Dalton has meant everything to her. And at the Thursday, Katie also got died after the death of her beloved husband Dalton.
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The fault in our stars real life couple, a wife dies 5 days after her husband

You must beware of the Punjabi women. They have been famous around the world for being the badass because you can never win a war from these Desi women. You might have heard many tales of bravery and badass of these Punjabi women but this new happening will not only make you laugh but you would wonder that should you award her with bravery, confidence or being the best badass.

Anty and the robber

Karamjit was strolling on the roads of streets of UK when you bought a fine cup of tea for herself. However, at the same moment, a robber came and asked her to hand over all of her money. She was not in the mood of talking to the robber at that time and was looking forward to enjoying her hot cup of tea in the fine weather.
This is the reason that instead of getting scared she asked the robber politely to wait until she finishes her tea. She told him that if the tea would become cold there would be no fun in drinking it. This is where the fun begins in the story.
 The robber was frustrated by her response and got angry. He strictly told her to keep the cup of tea down and install hand over the money otherwise, he will become rash with her.

The award winning act

Now here comes the twist in the story. Karamjit instead of getting afraid of the bold act of the robber told him that she would put the cup down. While placing the cup on the floor she took out her pocketknife and showed it to the robber. The robber got so frightened that he ran away.
According to Karamjit, the robber started shivering. She says that he might be thinking of changing his profession because that would be the best idea for him.


Therefore, in the end here comes the decision-making situation. Now many of the viewers of this story think that Punjabi women was confident and brave enough to confront the robber and did not get frightened so she should be given the award for bravery. However, some think that her act was badass and she should be awarded for it.
So now, I would like to say that all the people around the world should become like Karamjit because that is the only way that we can deal with the rising criminal rate. However, keep in mind that the robber is not having a dangerous weapon with him or her before getting smart.
Ladies like Karamjit are an inspiration to many of us. This 49-year-old woman changed the way of our thought.  She showed the world to never mess with a Punjabi woman because no one can win from her in the field of badass. So gets your act straight people because you have to beware of the Punjabi women’s smartness.
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The Anty who asked the robber to wait until she finished Tea!